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Message: It is with regret that we inform customers that this store will be temporarely be out of service until further notice Monmarreccommends are recommending "Best Products at Best Buys" TRY us!! Fellow EARTHLINGS: LOVE YOU ALL.! Worldwide we are moving through unpredictable times and we do NOT actually understand what is happening and how to manage it “COVID-19” is here with us and it will NOT! go away very soon. “CORONA VIRUS”--We're in it, so we better win it (GW) (Save Lives? Save The World?) WARNING: The following scenario might be upsetting to some viewers but unfortunately it is a non-disputable FACT!!!! PLEASE! THIS CAN HAPPEN TO ALL OF US BUT WE DO NOT WANT THIS HAPPENING TO ANY OF US, OR ANY OF OUR LOVED ONES, OR ANY OTHER "EARTHLING" ON THIS PLANET: "COVID-19" IS SERIOUS, IT IS NO FUN AND GAMES! ----- IT IS DEADLY!! FACT: !!! SHORT VERSION OF "COVID-19" THE FOLLOWING CAN HAPPEN TO ANY OF US. WE---contract "CORONA-19" VIRUS. WE---have the highest fever WE ever had in our life. WE--- breathe slowly like WE have a sponge stuck up our nose. WE--- cannot inhale enough air. WE---will be isolated WE--- will be scared. WE--- are going to cough a lot. WE--- are going to tire to the point of passing out. OUR-- whole body and all OUR joints will hurt badly. WE--- will keep on battling to breathe. WE--- will be given oxygen that will burn OUR nostrils. WE--- will then have 12mm diam. pipes pushed down OUR throat into OUR lungs to get oxygen past the "COVID-19” accumulating in OUR throat. (Called a Respirator) WE--- cannot speak or eat.-serious!! WE--- are alone in a closed-off room,- Serious!! WE--- are now terrified of death and cry a lot.- Serious!! WE--- will not see loved ones or family.-Serious!! WE--- will ask ourselves: Why did WE not listen???....... S---T---O---P!! Before the next step??----- TOO LATE??? F U N E R A L??? SO PLEASE!!, OBEY THE RULES,!!! We're in it, so we better win it (GW) PERIOD!!!! Please join me and let us all wear our T-Shirts whenever we can. REMINDING ourselves and all around us of the RULES to be OBEYED so we can CONTRIBUTE to the solution and not be PART of the problem. To become part of the SOLUTION , please e-mail your contact details to: "" (US) and make it for Attention: "Johannes-COVID-19" We UNDERTAKE to send you all the relevant INFORMATION to become PART of the SOLUTION and NOT stay PART of the PROBLEM The following might be of interest: • Unfortunately fulfillment of purchase orders can take up to 60 days to be delivered due to the current worldwide situation. • Deliveries though is GUARANTEED OR YOUR MONEY BACK.(carried by the manufacturer) • Please HELP to SAVE the WORLD, DO NOT WAIT. SPREAD THE MESSAGE REMEMBER: “NEVER GIVE UP”!!! IF YOU ARE SATISFIED---TELL THE WORLD IF YOU ARE NOT SATISFIED---TELL US.

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